Polling! :D

Polling! :D

Postby nherizu » Thu Jul 02, 2015 10:38 am

So it's about time to pull myself together. The changes in my life ever since I got married and got new jobs last year made me have to adapt to a new life style, and it made me lose my focus on scanlation. So yeah, I'm really sorry that I've become a bad group's leader! I'm sorry for not fulfilling my promise to release something earlier. >__<

Now, I don't want to promise something impossible like an every day release, and I don't even think I can do a weekly release like before, but at least, I'm going to put a lot of commitment for a semi-monthly (that is twice a month) release from now on! :D Wish me luck so I can make this come true (LOL).

So, please choose a day you wish to see our twice a month releases! I don't have time to do any fandom related stuff on weekends, so that option is out (sorry!). Please choose between Monday to Friday? :D

Click Here to Vote

Feel free to share that post and ask your friends to vote too. Thanks and have a nice day~!
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