New Release: Koi no tsuzuki ni Hitsuyou Nano wa, Chapter #1

New Release: Koi no tsuzuki ni Hitsuyou Nano wa, Chapter #1

Postby nherizu » Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:31 am

Hello! We're finally back again! Phew. I'm sorry for the long silence... we badly needed more editors (and still do need editors + translators), but at least now we're able to release again. And please enjoy our first ever manga release! We've worked on manga before, but we didn't manage to release it. So here's our first release. A cute love story from Matsumoto Azusa (she's famous under the name of Komae Salon). ^^


Title: Koi no Tsuzuki ni Hitsuyou Nano wa,
Mangaka: Matsumoto Azusa
Language: English
Status: On going
Summary: Aki tries to find the guy who helped him at the station three days ago. The only clues he has are the showy blond hair, the school uniform, and the weird stuffed toy.

(The colored cover is unofficial; please do not upload it anywhere. If there's an official cover, please let us know).

Enjoy! Comments are love, and if you want to help our group, please donate. ^^

You can read the advantages of becoming a donor and the advantage of being a VIP member .

Also, don't forget to check out our recruitment page . Thanks!
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