Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Postby nherizu » Fri May 02, 2014 7:08 pm

If you want to be a member or stay as a member of this community, please read all the rules below and abide by them. Failure in following them will get you rejected or banned, so pay attention.


♥ This forum is strictly for adults. You have to be at least 18 years old to register.

♥ Boys Love (Shounen-Ai and Yaoi) stuff will be our top priority. Thus, you must not be disgusted by the idea of boy-to-boy (homosexual) relationship if you want to register.

♥ If you're already a member, you must read every announcement in this forum. Sending the Mods emails or PMs asking about the things we have announced will prove your ignorance. Pestering us more than twice will get you kicked out from the forum.

♥ If you haven't been a member, then you must read every rule and announcement available for public. Pestering the Mods will only get you banned from joining.

♥ Our releases are password protected, and you have to figure out the passwords by reading the instructions. Do NOT ask us about passwords.


English Scans

♥ English scanlated doujinshi can only be shared by the staff behind each particular project. If you're not our staff, then you're NOT allowed to share them. Do not post them anywhere. Do not upload them anywhere. Yes, that includes your own sites, blogs, communities, 4-chan, youtube, tumblr, forums, online manga readers and every other site that can't be mentioned. However, you may post the cover to give people the information about the scans, and direct them to our forum for downloads.

♥ Do NOT remove the credit page. Please don't hassle yourself by deleting the credit page--you're forbidden to share the scans after all. So really. Just don't ever delete it and share it outside this forum, because we'll know if that happens.

♥ Do NOT add your own credit page to make it as if YOU work on the doujinshi. Oh, come on. *sigh*

Special Releases, including RAW scans

♥ If you're a VIP Member and have access to our special releases and RAW scans in the VIP section, please do NOT share them anywhere. Please keep the files you get from the VIP section as private collections.

Remember, we CAN and we WILL stop all of our projects if you are insistent in breaking the rules.


♥ Sorry, starting now we no longer accept rescanlation requests. This is because some RAW providers don't want their scans to be used by anyone other than us. If you own the RAW (or have got the permission from the scanner), then you're welcome to use our translation (no need to ask, just be sure to leave the credit page and link to our group. And please leave the watermark intact if you've got the permission to use the scans). But if you don't have the RAW/don't have the permission to use the RAW, we can't give you the permission to rescanlate. Real life has been so busy as of late, so I'm really sorry I can't put that much time to check your requests one by one.


♥ We'd love to do joints! But we don't do joints for already on-going projects, or fandoms we aren't interested in. Please contact us to discuss the arrangements.

♥ We have more RAW scans than what we put up on the site, so please ask us if you want to do a joint. Perhaps we do have the RAW you're searching for.

♥ We'll be delighted to be your affiliate. Please contact us with your group' information.

Affiliate Banner

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♥ Please help us by donating fund or physical books so that we can keep providing you with scanlation. You'll get a chance join the VIP Members section to download the special releases. Please read here for more information.


♥ The general rules everywhere: BE CONSIDERATE to others. Don't use excessive swear words, don't bash anyone or anything, don't provoke a fight. If you cause troubles, we'll give you a warning once. After that, you'll be banned.

♥ No spamming. Don't advertise anything in this forum. Don't just post 'Thank you!' (or any one-liners for that matter). Put on a little bit more effort, OK? Tell us anything you like about the doujinshi, the circle, the artwork, etc. Spam will be deleted without warning.
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